Mateo is a happy two month old kid that brings joy and happiness to those who live around him with his special and unique smile.

Sonrisa de Mateo

Mateo has bright and lively eyes, full of the desire to discover the world

Mirada de Mateo

Mateo is a brave young hero, ready and willing to fight and battle leukemia

Mateo valiente

Mateo fights everyday, enjoying daily victories, and refusing to be taken aback by defeats. If he falls, he bounces back even higher and stronger, ready to fight harder because he knows that he needs to win this war against leukemia

Mateo luchador

Mateo is a shining example of love and the will to overcome difficulties, breaking down all types of barriers. He is the heart and soul of his family, brother and parents, showering us with smiles that give us the strength to keep on fighting every day with a big smile on our faces

Familia de Mateo

Mateo has taught us to enjoy the small things in life, the everyday pleasures, filling our lives with love.

El poder de Mateo

Mateo is unique and needs another unique angel somewhere in the world to continue living and share many more special moments with us

Mateo es un ángel