Help us raise awareness

Help us raise awareness and inspire people to become bone marrow donors. Mateo is just one example among thousands of children and adults awaiting a life-saving transplant.


How can I help?

  • By donating bone marrow and raising awareness of the fact that a small, effortless gesture may be of great value to others.
  • By sharing this website ( with your friends via email, Whatsapp or on social networks of your choice. The original Spanish version can be found at
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  • Help us find more donors with your favorites, retweets and mentions.
  • Include the hashtag #M4M or #marrowformathew in your tweets and messages
  • Follow us on Twitter @marrowformathew and recommend it to your friends.
Pau Gasol supports Marrowformathew

Pau Gasol – pofessional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

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  • Join us at
  • Ask your friends to join and share.
  • Take a picture of you, your friends, family… with the hashtag #M4M or #MarrowforMathew, and share it.
Fernando Torres supports Marrowformathew

Fernando Torres – footballer who plays for Chelsea and the Spain national team