A letter from Granny and Granddad

Our dearest Mateo,

We’re your paternal grandparents.


The four of us feel blessed to have such a beautiful grandchild.

We have just spent some time in the countryside during your temporary release from hospital with you and your Mum, your Dad, your brother Lucas, your uncles, aunts and cousins.

Our house was filled with joy when you arrived.

Yesterday, looking at pictures of you in www.marrowformathew.com we saw you smiling and felt that joy once again.

But tomorrow your medical tests will continue. We have been told that you’re being very brave, even though the tests are hard. We wish they were as simple as those your possible donors are taking right now. For them, it’s only a quick pinch to take a simple blood test!

You truly are a hero. With the help of all those who volunteer as donors we’ll find someone whose bone marrow is compatible with yours, someone who can help you take the next tiny steps of your life.

You have many friends who are acting really fast! Some are people whom we know personally and others are wonderful friends whom we’ve never met but who’ve heard of you on social networks and are showing their solidarity. This doesn’t surprise us; they’ve seen you smiling in the pictures and they’ve become donors at once. But we need many, many more to find the proper genetic match – and we’re going to make it. Just wait and see!

There lies the greatness of humanity, Mateo. Each and every one of us can make goodness prevail, especially when a sweet baby like you needs assistance.

We are very grateful for everyone’s help and generosity.

Your uncles are on their way to their nearest hospital in Ávila right now in order to be tested. They’ll tell us how easy that was.

We want to thank you for the strength you’re giving us allYou know we’ll always be at your side, with your brother Lucas and your parents.

Lots of love and cuddles,

Your grandparents.