A letter from Grandpa


I´m one of Mateo’s grandparents. Unfortunately, I am too old to donate bone marrow, but I’d gladly give my life to guarantee my grandchild’s future. He should be given the chance to lead a simple life, one free from leukemia.

You can act now!  Please, don’t be overcome by inertia. Today you have the opportunity to donate life. Get up and pick up the phone, or go to your computer and contact your nearest donor center! I’m sure that if you’d met Mateo, even for only a few minutes, you would act now.

I’ll donate my organs when I die and I might save someone’s life. Who knows, perhaps it will be  someone who is as important to you as Mateo is to me. We are building a better life for all. I’m not asking for something impossible. My only wish is to have thousands, millions of bone marrow donors worldwide, giving a future to all those waiting for help.

Thank you for your help!  Please share this with everyone you knowWe are in a hurry, just like all the children waiting for a donor around the world.

I have no doubt that volunteering to be tested will make you feel exceptionally wonderful. And, if you’re lucky enough to be compatible with someone who was waiting for you, I am sure that you’ll feel pure happiness knowing you’ll be able to save a life. You will have also brought happiness to all those who love that person. Better still, you will have brought new meaning to your life.

A huge hug and thank you for your support!